24ng Trainz


Welcome to 24ng trainz!

Here, our goal is to provide top-quality freeware 24in/2ft/600mm gauge content for Trainz Railroad Simulator.

You will find all current items here are freelance, some based on real prototypes. All of our items are designed for TRS06, but probably will work in most other versions (some tweaking may be required). We try to test these in as many versions as possible,and will state which versions we have tested. If you can make it work with no tweaking in a version not stated, please contact Chris and this version shall be added to our list. Please state which item you used, and which Trainz version. If you tweaked it, please clone it and send that clone to us, along with the version it is tweaked for. This will greatly help us to make these items avaliable to as many of you Trainzers as possible.

While both our current Content Creators are still well in the learning stages, we hope to improve our skills with time. If you wish to contribute, contact us.

Also, if you wish to release a reskin or modify any of the locos, contact the creator of that item and we shall upload it/provide you with the mesh for that item for modification.

That's all from me, enjoy the site!


NOTICE - I sincerely apologise to Kevin Martin (KevMT) for the inclusion of many of his assets in our locomotives and rolling stock. The affected items shall be removed and re-uploaded over time without the said assets. Thank you for reading this.


Chris (site owner)